Hillary: It’s Time for Wealthiest Americans to Pay Your Fair Share in Taxes


Wednesday at a rally in Cleveland OH, Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton declared it was time for the wealthiest Americans to pay their “fair share” in taxes.

Clinton said, “Donald Trump doesn’t need a tax cut. I don’t need a tax cut. It’s time for the wealthiest Americans, whoever you are, as well as corporations and Wall Street, to pay your fair share in taxes. You have been successful in this country because of everything that this country represents. We’re going to stop giving tax breaks to corporations that outsource jobs and profits. We’re going to reward those who invest in their employees again. If corporations move their headquarters overseas, we’re going to slap an exit tax on them and try to persuade them not to move. We are going to add a new tax on multimillionaires, crack down on tax gaming and close loopholes and then use that money to make the kind of investments that will grow the economy for everybody.”

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