Halperin: Bannon Masterminded ‘Clinton Cash,’ the Right’s ‘Greatest Success Story’

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” while commenting on Breitbart News executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon taking on a new role as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign CEO, editor of Bloomberg Politics Mark Halperin said, “‘Clinton Cash,’ which Bannon masterminded” was the right’s “greatest success story,” and caused the media to go after Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on several fronts.

Halperin said, “I think if Bannon plays the role of trying to solve message discipline and a message focused on change and getting Trump better press coverage, I think he could be a valuable addition. But he is, obviously, a lightning rod for criticism and plenty of enemies and galvanize the ‘Never Trump’ movement in a big way.”

He added, “‘Clinton Cash’ is, if you did a case study of conservative efforts to get the so-called main stream media to cover the Clinton’s background — ‘Clinton Cash,’ which Bannon masterminded, is their greatest success story.”

Co-host Joe Scarborough said, “Yeah. It really did change the discussion on the national level for months and, actually, eventually, led into the email discussion. And has made campaigning difficult for Hillary Clinton from day one.”

Halperin added, “If that’s what Bannon is there to do, warts and all, that is a great hire.”

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