Nina Turner: Dems Need to Heal Because Clinton Campaign Actually Wrote WikiLeaks Emails

Saturday, MSNBC political analyst and former Ohio State Sen. Nina Turner (D) discussed the WikiLeaks emails that show the Hillary Clinton campaign’s disdain for fellow Democrats, as well as recruiting “needy Latinos.”

Turner said that the Democratic party will need to heal because the emails were actually written by Democrats about fellow Democrats.

“I believe that the Democratic party, when all of this is said and done, will have to deal in a very deep way with the healing process, because the fact of the matter is that the hackers didn’t write the emails,” Turner explained. “We’re dealing with people who talked about needy Latinos. We’re dealing with people who said things about African-Americans and others. Heck, I’m even in the emails, as well. I can tell from you reading the ones that I’ve seen so far with my name in them, the Russians didn’t write those emails. They were by the people within the Clinton camp.”

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