Watch: Joy Reid Compares Trump to Putin


Saturday, MSNBC “AM Joy” host Joy Reid compared United States President-elect Donald Trump to Russian President Vladimir Putin, even calling their relationship “bromantic.”

“Perhaps we should have seen the bromantic writing on the wall because the two men have interesting similarities,” Reid said after playing clips of Trump talking about his relationship with Putin. “Take, for instance, Putin’s tendency to control messaging by deciding which facts are true facts. Well, Trump has a similar MO. He’ll simply repeat a statement over and over and over again until people believe it. Like his insistence that the murder rate is at its highest in 45 years when its actually at its lowest in 50 years.”

She continued, “And just as Putin has profited handsomely from his office, there are mounting concerns that Trump could use the presidency to enrich himself and his family. And he still has not answered questions about the ethics and legality about his business ties. And when it comes to the question of the election’s DNC hack, both men are Russian hack truthers.”

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