Dershowitz: ‘Money Counts At the UN,’ U.S. Should Threaten To Defund UN Over Anti-Israel Bias

Wednesday on AM 970’s “The Joe Piscopo Show,” while discussing the recent United Nations security resolution criticizing Israel settlements, lawyer, author and emeritus law professor at Harvard University Alan Dershowitz said the United States needs to “threaten to defund the United Nations.”

Dershowitz said, “There is an automatic anti Israel bias at the UN. Consider the following story — this happened less than a year ago — the head of the UN Ban Ki-moon put Saudi Arabia on a blacklist of countries that mistreat children during wartime and the head of the Saudis called Ban Ki-moon and said unless you take us off of the blacklist we will stop sending money to the UN, and Ban Ki-moon said alright and he took them off the blacklist.”

“So money counts at the UN. And so what the United States should do now is threaten to defend the United Nations unless the Untied Nations stops showing this incredible bias against Israel,” he continued. “Forty resolutions this year against Israel, four against the entire rest of the world at a time when Syria is imploding when Russia took over the Crimea. So many violations of human rights are occurring in the world. Forty resolution against Israel, only four against the rest of the world. That shows you something about the bias of that UN building.”

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