Vox’s Dreazen: Turkey’s Erdogan ‘Destroyed’ Vibrant Press, He’s ‘Exactly the Kind of Leader That Trump Loves’

On Friday’s broadcast of PBS’ “Washington Week,” Vox Deputy Managing Editor and Foreign Editor Yochi Dreazen said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a leader who “doesn’t care much” for democracy, “destroyed” a vibrant press, and is “exactly the kind of leader that Trump loves.”

Dreazen stated, “President Erdogan of Turkey doesn’t go shirtless the way Vladimir Putin does, but he’s a macho man all the same. And what we’ve seen with Donald Trump is, he likes tough guys. He likes guys, whether they’re actually tough, or appear to be tough. President Erdogan appears to be tough. He doesn’t care much for democracy. I mean, there are other similarities between him and Donald Trump, the biggest of which is, President Erdogan has basically destroyed what was once a very vibrant press, media within Turkey.  Newspapers have been shuttered. TV stations have been shuttered. Trump has explicitly said there are parts of that that he thinks should happen here. So Erdogan is exactly the kind of leader that Trump loves.”

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