Wisconsin Woman Sees Her Stolen Car Being Posed with on Facebook

A Milwaukee, WI woman was shocked to find her stolen car after asking for help finding it on Facebook, Fox 6 reports.

“My heart sank,” the woman, identified only as Michelle, told Fox 6. “I was like, physically ill.”

Michelle took to Facebook for help finding the car quickly after it disappeared Saturday.

Not even an hour later, Michelle got an unexpected response. Someone saw a picture with a car that looked like the one she had reported missing.

“It made me so angry. So, so angry to see that,” Michelle said. “I can see my car in a picture. You can see these peoples’ faces and two other vehicles in it.”

The photo showed a group of people standing and posing on cars, with Michelle’s in the front. The picture’s caption read, “We just living life.”

stolen car

“To be so blatant about it, it was really a hard pill to swallow,” Michelle said.

She called the Milwaukee Police Department, who recovered the car Monday.

The vehicle’s body was intact, but the inside had been roughed up. There were burn holes and dirt stains all over the interior.

Police are using the Facebook photo to identify suspects.

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