Scarborough: 9th Circuit Ruling Is ‘Laughable,’ ‘Will Be Overturned’

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough criticized the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on President Donald Trump’s executive order halting immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

Scarborough said that although he thought the executive order was bad policy, the appeals court’s ruling was “laughable” and he said it will be overturned.

“Our law professors always told us — bad facts made bad law,” he said. “Horrific facts coupled with horrific politics makes for horrific law. That’s exactly what happened here.”

“This decision, though, is laughable,” Scarborough conitnued. “This is, for me, the most disturbing part of the entire case. And by the way, at the end, this isn’t going to matter because I think the White House is going to fix it up, briefly fix it up. They could do a couple quick changes and take care of these problems. But the Ninth said, ‘The government has pointed to no evidence that any alien from any of the countries named in the order have perpetrated a terrorist attack in the United States.’ As if it is the executive branches job to actually get the Intel community in and say these are all the things that are going to happen. No, in fact, Barack Obama worked with a bipartisan Congress to come up with these seven countries, not because there was specific attacks, but because they saw deteriorating security situation that they wanted to remedy. They wanted to prevent attacks. That’s the entire purpose of that.”

“This will be overturned,” he added.


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