Tapper Bemoans Trump Press Conference Tack — You ‘Legitimately Won’ Presidency, ‘Get to Work and Stop Whining About It’

Thursday after President Donald Trump’s press conference to announce Alexander Acosta as his pick for Secretary of Labor, CNN’s Jake Tapper castigated Trump for the manner in which he took on reporters.

After presenting a hypothetical about how one might react if Trump were a “boss” giving a speech, Tapper urged Trump to “get to work” and to “stop whining” about questions if he legitimately won the presidency.

“I feel like everybody at home needs to ask themselves how would you react if that were your boss coming in and giving a speech to the employees where you work?” Tapper said. “How would you react if that was somebody in your family that you were trying to have a conversation with? You would think this is very difficult to assess in a positive way. The person is not dealing with the world in which we live. He said things not true. He was called out you said you had the biggest electoral win since Reagan, and he said it’s not true.”

“He said, ‘Well, somebody gave me that information, somebody gave me that information,’” he continued. “The buck stops there? Is that where we are with this presidency? You own the words. You were wrong, but it’s not just about electoral votes. It about the fact that he’s still fixated on whether or not he legitimately won the presidency. President Trump, if you’re watching, you’re the president. You legitimately won the presidency. Now get to work and stop whining about it.”

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