Watch: Charles Barkley Takes on Richard Spencer in ‘American Race’ Promo

NBA legend Charles Barkley’s four hour-long television series regarding race in America called “American Race” is set to air Thursday and Friday on TNT.

TNT released a clip from one episode dealing with white privilege where Barkley talks to alt-right figurehead Richard Spencer.

The following are some quotes from Spencer in the clip:

“White privilege is wonderful. I want to expand and deepen white privilege.”

“We’re living at a time in which white people are losing social dominance day by day.”

“We do dominate the world to an extent. Look at the boards of directors of most corporations, tons of white people and Jews, yes. But every day we hear, ‘Oh, isn’t this great that there’s more diversity in this corporation? We need more people of color in films and movies, isn’t this wonderful?’ What is the trajectory? Where is the arrow pointing? The arrow is pointing away from white power. In my lifetime, what’s going to probably happen is that I’m going to become a minority in the United States. But what do I want for my great-grandchildren? I do want them to live in a white society, a European empire.”

“I would never say something like I don’t like black people.”

“I think the country is fragmenting because at the end of the day, racial differences cannot fundamentally be breached. Ever.”

The promo ends with a baffled Barkley reacting to Spencer’s final quote, saying, “What?!”

(h/t Awful Announcing)

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