Krauthammer: Who’s Going to Go Out on a Limb for Trump, When Others ‘Had the Limbs Sawn Off by Donald Trump Himself’?

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” columnist Charles Krauthammer wondered who would defend the president in his denial of the report that he asked FBI Director James Comey to end the investigation into former NSA Michael Flynn given that Republicans who stepped out to defend Trump on prior controversies “were left like on an ice flow off Norway?”

Krauthammer said that it was “stunning” that no one has put their name on a defense of Trump. He added that this was “totally understandable. They’ve just watched over the last 10 days, people who went out on a limb on the Comey firing, and said it was a result of the memo from the deputy attorney general were — had the limbs sawn off by Donald Trump himself without a flinch and were left humiliated and contradicted. And then, when you look at what happened with the Russian ambassador, last night, people were saying — the people high up, who were in the room, by name said this never happened. And then, in the morning, it looks as if the tweets that Trump issued acknowledged it happened and he had every right to do it. So, who is going to step out now and defend the president in these denials, which could very well be true, when you’ve seen what happened to Republicans who stepped out…on two other cases, and were left like on an ice flow off Norway?”

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