Ann Coulter: GOP Health Care Bill a ‘Total Disaster,’ ‘Obamacare Lite’

Friday on Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Company,” conservative columnist Ann Coulter said the Senate Republicans’ health care bill was a “total disaster” because it is “Obamacare-lite.”

Coulter called for a “one-sentence law saying there shall be a free market in health insurance.”

“[U]nder the Republicans’ health care bill, guess who’s still paying for transgender operations? Guess who still can’t go to Memorial Sloan Kettering? Guess who will still be paying 700 dollars a month for heath insurance? No, I don’t want gambling addiction therapy. I don’t want psychological counseling. I want insurance if I have a broken bone or cancer. That is illegal to sell in this country.”

“This is going to ruin Republicans if this passes because it’s Obamacare lite,” she added.”Now Republican will get blamed for it. Let it fall. I would rather have nothing than have Republicans take responsibility for something that is just as bad as Obamacare except all your taxes get cut.”

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