NBC’s O’Donnell: Trump Did Say ‘Racism Is Evil,’ But I Didn’t Hear Him Say the Presence and Ideology of Hate Groups Is Evil

On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” NBC News’ Kelly O’Donnell stated that while President Trump did say “Racism is evil” during his statement on Monday, she didn’t hear him say that the presence and ideology of hate groups is wrong.

O’Donnell said, “I was also struck, Andrea, by the fact the president did say, ‘Racism is evil,’ and he did tie those specific named groups to when they commit violence, they are ‘criminals and thugs,’ but I did not hear him specifically identify these groups and say that their mere presence, their ideology, their values are evil. He seemed to link it to criminal activity like we saw over the weekend. And I’m not sure that that is enough to make that kind of declaration. Yes, he said the words. Yes, he was more kind of full-bodied in his condemnation today. But I think there is still an absence of saying the mere existence of these groups is not in line with American values and something that he does not support. He seemed to link it to the criminal behavior.”

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