David Bossie: Bannon Will Be a ‘Loyal Soldier’ to Trump From the Outside

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” David Bossie, formerly of President Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign, said after leaving his position of chief strategist Steve Bannon will be a “loyal soldier” to Trump from the outside.

Bossie said, “I don’t think anything has changed. I think every staff member serves at the pleasure of the president. There are different chapters in every presidency, and staff changes do occur. I do believe that Steve Bannon is going to be a very loyal soldier to the president as it relates to his agenda from the outside.”

He added, “I’ve talked to Steve many times. He will be a very important voice for the president as it relates to leaning into Congress, specifically. And trying to really get the failure of leadership in the House and in the Senate to stand up and really take a hold of the president’s agenda. Which is really if we are looking at seven months on into this administration, one of the biggest challenges is president has had. They wanted all to be leading on the president when in fact it’s a failure of leadership in the House and Senate.”

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