Boxer: Trump Has Given ‘Cover to Hate Groups,’ ‘We’re Taking on’ Politicians That Are Giving Him Cover

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” former Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) stated that President Trump is giving cover to hate groups and her political action committee will take on people giving him cover.

Boxer said, “You know, each person’s going to follow his or her conscience. And I have to say, if I was standing there, and I heard the president give cover to hate groups, to white supremacists, to Nazis, as an American, and I happen to be a Jewish American, I would have gotten probably out of the TV shot. I would have thought deeply. I would have prepared something to say. … Look, better late than never, and next to Steve Mnuchin he [Gary Cohn] looks like a profile in courage. But the truth is, we cannot be silent. we’ve lived through that before as Jews, and you must speak up. You must.”

Boxer also stated that President Trump is “not normal.” And she has “never seen a president give cover to hate groups.”

She added, “I’m acting to go after the politicians who are sitting silently by, and I am volunteering for my political action committee. … We’re taking on these guys who are sitting there and rolling their eyes and giving cover to Donald Trump. He doesn’t deserve the cover.”

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