Hillary: I Want People Upset by Trump to Read ‘What Happened’ ‘And Get More Ammunition’ for That Feeling

During an interview broadcast on Saturday’s edition of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton stated that she wrote her book “What Happened” in part to ensure those upset by President Trump that it’s okay to feel that way and argued people can’t abandon their feelings “that there is something amiss with the man we’ve got in the White House right now.”

Hillary said, “I wrote this book for myself, first and foremost, to really come to grips with what happened and what my role in it was and what all these other extraneous factors were. Because I don’t want what happened to happen again. And I lay out a lot of evidence. I say to people, look, if you have a different theory, come with your evidence, and I’ll meet you at dawn, and we’ll trade evidence. Because, look, if you have a different theory, I’m open to it. But it’s not enough to say, oh you know — I won 3 million more votes, to dismiss my campaign. Because it’s not just me. It’s 65.8 million people. And so, I wrote it for them too. I wrote it for people who were so devastated by what happened in this election, and continue to be, just upset and even stunned by what Trump is doing. I want them to know, it’s okay. It’s okay to feel like that. Because this is abnormal. And we can’t ever give up our feelings that there is something amiss with the man we’ve got in the White House right now. And I want them to read this book and get more ammunition and support for how they are feeling. Because I think it’s important that we never give up resisting and protesting against what we see is bad for our country and bad for the world.”

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