Maddow: Trump ‘Doesn’t Appear to Care About’ Maria Response in Puerto Rico

On Thursday’s edition of NBC’s “Tonight Show,” MSNBC host Rachel Maddow stated that President Trump doesn’t seem to care about the response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Maddow said, “[I]t’s not that there hasn’t been a response. It’s just been a bad, inept, poorly-run, inattentive response with no political leadership, and a president who doesn’t appear to care about it. And that is a man-made disaster. Yeah, this was a storm, but the response is a politically-led catastrophe by a president who really doesn’t seem to care. And that — I mean, Puerto Rico doesn’t have another president, right, who’s going to fix this. The president for Puerto Rico is Donald Trump. He’s all they’ve got to lead this, and it’s a –, A. It’s not over, and B. The disorganization is a human failure.”

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