Chuck Todd: Price Might Wonder Why He Was ‘The Trump Administration Ethics Scandal Everyone’s Outraged About?’

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” host Chuck Todd reacted to the resignation of HHS Secretary Tom Price by saying Price might be wondering why he is the ethics scandal everyone’s upset about given things like the administration pushing a tax plan that might save members of the Trump family money in taxes.

Todd said, “Now we know what you might be thinking, ‘This is the Trump administration ethics scandal everyone’s outraged about?’ Price might be thinking the same thing. Because look at some of the examples that were set around him, like the president not divesting from his real estate empire, or weekending here [Mar-a-Lago] at taxpayer expense, or weekending there [Trump National Golf Club] at taxpayer expense as well, or his [Jared Kushner’s] use of private email to conduct official government business, or her [Kellyanne Conway] promoting Trump brands while using the White House podium, or this Russian government official’s [Sergei Kislyak] constant contact with Trump’s team, which they often didn’t disclose, or the administration pushing his tax plan that might save members of his own family billions in taxes, while also potentially benefiting many members of his Cabinet, or this Trump hotel [Trump International Hotel], which is being probed by government watchdogs, who are also probing this former National Security Adviser [Michael Flynn], while also probing this Interior Secretary [Ryan Zinke], which is also probing this Treasury Secretary [Steve Mnuchin].”

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