Nicolle Wallace: GOP Wants ‘Weenie Tax Bill’ So Badly They Will Let Trump Start World War III


Monday on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House,” while discussing Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) saying President Donald Trump’s recklessness could start World War III, host Nicolle Wallace said Republicans wanted to pass a “weenie tax bill” to the extent they are willing to risk allowing the start of that war.

Wallace said, “Robert Costa, is the White House aware of the ripple effects of Bob Corker’s comments? Do they understand that he has now said out loud what dozens of people have said to any reporter who covers this White House on a daily basis, and that this is now a new phase for them in terms of—what sort of president faces the world on Twitter and in meetings with foreign leaders and sort of in the public space?”

The Washington Post’s Robert Costa said, “They’re very aware of the consequences of Senator Corker’s comments. At the same time, they look at the reaction today among other Senate Republicans, and they see a lot of silence. They see senate majority leader Mitch McConnell not really trying to wade into this altercation between a senator and the president. And they also know at the White House that the Republican Party, even if they fume privately, some of them fume publicly, they know that the party’s bought in with President Trump whether they like it or not. They’ve chosen to work with him to try to get what they believe is their agenda on taxes and maybe on health care and immigration. And because of that, they don’t see the leadership really trying to wrangle themselves away from the president at this moment because they’re so entrenched already with Trump.

Wallace shot back, “That is the most depressing thing I’ve heard all day. Steve Schmidt, they want to get their weenie tax bill done so badly they’re not going to listen to Bob Corker screaming at the top of his lungs that we are at risk of World War III … And who cares if we’re all dead? I mean, it’s crazy.”

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