CNN Guest: Trump Reluctant to Attack White Men

Monday on “CNN Newsroom,” while discussing President Donald Trump’s tweet about LaVar Ball, the father of one of the UCLA players accused of shoplifting in China who were released after the president intervened, Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio said Trump seemed reluctant “to attack white males.”

D’Antonio said, “I think we all have people in our lives, and maybe some of them will come around on Thanksgiving, who say terrible things and then tell us ‘Ooh it’s a joke,’ and insult then  ‘Oh, no, I’m just kidding.’ ‘Leave them in China, in prison — oh, no, he’s just kidding.’ This is the actually kind of thing that narcissists who abuse situations indulge in all of the time. The president here is engaged in a game with Mr. Ball.”

He continued, “Mr. Ball is a very astute, self-publicizing fellow. He knew how to get the president’s attention. He does it for personal and probably financial gain. The president is signaling to his base—he always seems to attack people of color or women, he doesn’t seem to be very inclined to attack white males, and I think that’s a signal. But at the end of the day, he’s got Sarah Sanders going out and saying ‘Oh, he’s just kidding.’ We can all read into it what we’d like, and the president gets to play it every which way.”

(h/t Daily Caller)

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