FS1’s Sharpe Applauds Kevin Durant for Comment on Racial Issues — ‘We’re Not Going to Just Stick to Sports’

Tuesday, Fox Sports 1 “Undisputed” co-host Shannon Sharpe praised Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant for saying he has woken up to “seeing how rough it is for an average black man.”

Sharpe said Durant and other athletes are finally waking up to the fact they are more than just athletes.

“He had this epiphany, this awakening, this realization that I am so much more than just a guy that can shoot the three or dunk a basketball,” Sharpe stated. “He says, ‘You know what, America, for the longest time I’ve been silent. You’ve allowed me to sell you sneakers. You’ve allowed me to sell you sports drinks. But if you want to know Kevin Durant, you’re going to have to take all of Kevin Durant, not just what you see on the basketball court. And you see now, Skip, guys, professional athletes, are not only being socially conscious, they’re being morally conscious and they’re saying you’re going to get an opportunity to see the whole package, and no, we’re not going to just stick to sports.”

“For Kevin Durant to take this approach, I am so proud that I see Kevin Durant in a different light — because a lot of times, Skip, when you just see a guy run up and down a field and shoot a basketball that’s all you know. And a lot of times that’s all they want you to know, but a lot of guys are doing a great job of pulling the curtain back and allowing us to see who they are inside as opposed to just what they do outside,” Sharpe added.

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