Breitbart’s Pollak: Trump Should ‘Sue Ty Cobb for Malpractice’ on Russia Probe

On Friday on MSNBC, Breitbart News Senior Editor at Large Joel Pollak said that White House lawyer Ty Cobb needs to be replaced after claiming Special Counsel Robert Mueller would finish the Russia probe by Thanksgiving.

Pollak began by pointing out that even with Michael Flynn’s guilty plea for lying to the FBI, there was no evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. “You’d think that after all this investigation, something would have turned up,” he said. “But there really is nothing… at the heart of what Mueller was sent out to investigate.”

He added: “At this point, President Trump might want to sue his lawyer, Ty Cobb, for malpractice, because he promised this would all be over by Thanksgiving … Mueller’s basically on a very long fishing expedition.”

Later, Pollak elaborated, “Well, the part of Ty Cobb’s statement that I find a little bit silly, isthe idea this is somehow wrapping up. If that’s what he really believes, then the White House needs to do a dramatic substitution of its legal staff, because this is a very serious battle. It may have nothing to do with Russia collusion, but they’re going after anyone associated with the administration, anyone associated the campaign. They are going to try and trip them up on these process crimes. This is going to last a very long time. It is by no means over.”

Pollak added that there had yet to be any prosecution for the illegal leaks of Flynn’s name to the media after he was unmasked in intelligence reports.

“There seems to be no prosecution of that. Why a lot of conservatives are frustrated with the Justice Department saying where is the investigation into the leaks we were promised? That is a big part of the mistress still remains unsolved.”

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