Dem Rep Smith: Economic Numbers Are ‘Reflective’ of Obama Admin – We Haven’t Seen Wage Increase for Middle Class


On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Situation Room,” Representative Adam Smith (D-WA) argued that whatever economic numbers are occurring now are a reflection of the Obama administration’s policies, and there hasn’t been a significant increase in wages for the middle class and working poor.

Smith said, “I mean, most economists will tell you that any economic impact is com[ing] from prior policies, and the tax cut was just passed a week ago. Other than that, the president has implemented no major legislative policies in 2017. So, whatever economic numbers that we see are reflective of policies that came before, that came under the Obama administration. And the one thing missing from all of this has been sort of the middle class and the working poor seeing a significant benefit in their wages, and a tax cut that goes primarily to corporations and the wealthy isn’t going to change that. That’s why this tax cut is the most unpopular tax cut that I can remember in history ever passed.”

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