Lewandowski: Wolff Is a ‘Liar’ Who Lacks ‘Journalistic Integrity’

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” the Trump campaign’s first 2016 campaign manager Corey Lewandowski responded to Michael Wolff’s Book “Fire and Fury.”

Lewandowski said,”Let me be very clear, this is a book of fiction. Not only is it not accurate, there are so many misrepresentations in this book that it shouldn’t be taken seriously. If you look at the critics of Mr. Wolff, his contemporaries his colleagues The New York Times, CNN, clearly people who have not been friendly or supportive of this president or his administration, they have called into question the simple facts in this book as factually inaccurate. And Mr. Wolff himself claimed at the very beginning of the book that it looks like he’s taken liberties to put things in the book that may not have happened but he lets the reader decide. That is not journalistic integrity, and this book is a complete fabrication.”

He continued, “Mr. Wolff and I never spoke about this book, so where he comes up with the assertions on what I think of the Trump kids or Jared Kushner are completely made up. I’ve never spoken to him about this.”

He added, “The guy is a liar, is what it comes down to, and I don’t think anybody who looks at what’s in this book can take it honestly.”

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