GOP Sen Kennedy on Trump Due Process Comment: ‘If You Trust Government, You Obviously Failed History’

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Co.,” Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) reacted to President Trump’s comments on due process and gun violence restraining orders by stating, “if you trust government, you obviously failed history class.”

Kennedy said, “I’m petrified of giving the power to confiscate guns and ask questions later to public officials. I don’t mean to pick on him, I respect him, but, for example, [former Attorney] General Holder. He would have used that power. And, look, if you trust history — or if you trust government, you obviously failed history class. I mean, the Native Americans gave up their guns too.”

He also commented on countries with heavy restrictions on guns like the UK, and stated, “[I]f you think it’s such a good thing, carry your happy ass there.”

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