Holder: ‘Steyer Is Absolutely Right, in the Sense That Trump Is Derelict in His Duties’

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” former US Attorney General Eric Holder argued that there is an obstruction of justice case against President Trump and Tom Steyer is correct that President Trump is “derelict in his duties.”

Holder stated, “I think that you technically have an obstruction of justice case that already exists. And I’ve known Bob Mueller for 20-30 years, my guess is he is just trying to make the case as good as he possibly can. … But I think Steyer is absolutely right, in the sense that Trump is derelict in his duties. We were attacked. I mean, it wasn’t a physical attack. It was an electronic attack on the most vital of our systems. And he’s done absolutely nothing to prepare us for what is to come. Because they’re still coming. They’re going to come in 2018. They’re going to come in 2020. And he’s done nothing to hold the Russians accountable, in spite of the fact that, in this dysfunctional world we have — this dysfunctional Congress, passed sanctions, that he has refused to implement. And that, for me, is breathtaking, unforgivable, and ultimately, something the American people have to hold him responsible for.”

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