Chris Wallace: Trump’s Attacks on the Media Bother Me, But There ‘Absolutely’ Is Bias in Mainstream Media

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” FNC anchor Chris Wallace stated that President Trump’s “unprecedented” criticisms of the media bother him, in particular, the president criticizing the press during his news conference with the presidents of Baltic nations. Wallace added that there is clearly bias in the mainstream media.

Wallace said, “Well look, I think there are two things that are going on here, and I think they can both be true. I think that the president has been engaged in — and I’ve said this before — in an unprecedented attack on the media. As a member of the media, maybe not a member of the mainstream media, but a member of the media, and I’ve been doing this for almost half a century, it bothers me. I was particularly distressed, I have to say, when the president held that joint news conference with the three presidents of the Baltic nations, and — you know, it’s one thing when we fight amongst ourselves, it’s a different thing when it’s on the international stage — talked about the fake media. You know, I’ve never heard a president bash the media when it’s on — when he’s dealing with foreign leaders.”

He added, “On the other hand, do I think that there is bias among members of the mainstream media? Absolutely. You can see it on the front pages of some newspapers. You can see it on the lead on some of the newscasts that — or so-called newscasts of some of our competitors. So, I think both of those things are true. And I’m not sure that it’s especially healthy for the country.”

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