Georgetown Law Professor: Rudy Giuliani ‘Has No Respect for the Rule of Law’

Appearing Saturday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Paul Butler, professor of law at Georgetown Law School, reacted to President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani calling the ongoing Robert Mueller investigation “illegitimate,” saying the former New York City mayor “has no respect for the rule of law.”

“You can’t really say Rudy Giuliani has fallen from grace because he never had grace in the first place,” Butler told host Joy Reid. “Many New Yorkers have always known that he’s erratic, highly partisan and has no respect for civil rights or civil liberties unless they apply to rich white dudes. Now we see that he is a bad lawyer, you know, his one claim to fame was that he stood up for New York City on 9/11, so you would think he would be especially concerned about national security, about our democracy, which is the subject of the Mueller investigation, and yet he’s calling for that investigation to be halted.”

He continued, “[Giuliani] told CNN that if he were the attorney general that he would stop the investigation. So, this is a man who, again, has no respect for the rule of law.”

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