GOP Sen Kennedy: I Told Russia’s ‘Wise-Ass’ Foreign Minister ‘Stop Screwing with American Elections’

Monday on CNN’s “At This Hour,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) said while he was in Russia he told “wise-ass” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to “stop screwing with American elections.”

Kennedy said, “I went for two reasons. Number one, to deliver a message. I delivered that to the foreign minister, to the speaker of the house, and to a number of their senators. This is what I said: number one, stop screwing with American elections. Number two, get out of eastern Ukraine and let them self-determine. Number three, get out of Crimea and let Crimea self-determine. Number four, stop screwing around in Syria and help us settle the mess. And number five, do not allow Iran to get a foothold in southern Syria. Because if you do that, there’s going to be another war. Israel is not going to stand for it. They were rough meetings.”

He contuied, “The foreign minister meeting was probably the toughest. We exchanged words. He’s a bully. He impressed me as the sort of guy who started out in the world as a smart-ass and worked his way up. And it was a pretty tough meeting. But I think our message was delivered.”

He added, “I also was able to draw some conclusions about Russia. People say, well, what kind of political system do they have? They don’t have one. It’s all about Putin. They don’t have a political philosophy. I mean, what’s the political philosophy of the mafia? You know? There is none. It’s all about money and power and there’s no free press.”

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