Michael Eric Dyson: Trump Has Extended ‘Racial Harassment to Epic Proportions’


Friday on MSNBC, Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson said President Donald Trump was extending “racial harassment to epic proportions.”

Dyson said, “There is no doubt that he is fomenting descent, that he’s fostering an environment that is antithetical to the very fundamental premises of American democracy.  Here is a president most unusually engaging in using his bully pulpit to bully people to harass them, to extend racial harassment to epic proportions and to really assert that America is a narrowly defined constituency that is concerned with white Americans of a particular origin and group.”

He added, “The spinelessness and fecklessness of our political leaders, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell among them—Republicans who know this is repugnant have stood by and allowed Trump to go full force and full blast with this and not saying barely a mumbling word. The complicity of the upper echelon of American Republicanism in this country is reprehensible. Just as reprehensible as Donald Trump himself.”

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