Brennan: ‘I Stand Very Much’ By the Claim Trump’s Behavior Is ‘Treasonous’

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” former CIA Director John Brennan, whose security clearance has been revoked by President Donald Trump, said he believed Trump’s behavior was “treasonous.”

Brennan said, “I called his behavior treasonous which is to betray one’s trust and to aiding and abet the enemy and I stand very much by that claim.”

He continued, “I think these are abnormal times and I think a lot of people have spoken out against what Mr. Trump has done. And maybe it’s my warning, training as an intelligence professional. I have seen the lights blinking red in terms of what Mr. Trump has done and is doing and is bringing this country down on the global stage and fueling and feeding divisiveness in our country.”

He added, “He continually lies to the American people. The type of things he is doing, I need to speak out. I don’t believe I’m being political at all. I am not a Republican. I am not a Democrat.”

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