Brzezinski: ‘Racist Twist’ to GOP Disdain for Migrant Caravan

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” co-host Mika Brzezinski commented on how Republicans feel about the migrant caravan, arguing there is a “racist twist to it.”

Brzezinski then told anybody watching Fox News to watch Shepard Smith because “he will lead with the news.”

“It’s all about distraction, and it has such a racist twist to it that it’s quite tragic,” Brzezinski stated. “With Secretary Nielsen along the border there, standing there, leading apparently Fox News, their broadcast with the reporter standing on the border, as well. I know Shep won’t do that. You watch Fox. You might want to watch Shep Smith show because he will lead with the news and not play this game with the presidency.”

She continued, “But some people might want to alert Secretary Nielsen to this terrorist attack on our democracy that transpired over the past 48 hours. Some people might want to alert the head of the Department of Homeland Security about an attack on our homeland. Some might want to let her know she can take off her Ray-Bans and head on back to Washington and maybe do something more productive than push more lies and mislead the American people. We’re supposed to be in Boca this morning, but it’s at a whole new level, and we figured we would stick to the news now. We were excited about talking about the run-up to the midterms and meeting with voters.”

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