Scarborough on Acosta Brouhaha: Trump Was ‘Humiliated,’ ‘Weak‘ and ‘Battered’


Thursday, MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough reacted to CNN reporter Jim Acosta wrestling with a White House aide over the microphone after President Donald Trump asked to field questions from another reporter.

Scarborough shared that Trump was “humiliated,” “weak” and “battered” as a result of losing the House majority, which caused him to snap on the White House reporter.

“Jim Acosta, it was horrible that he would do that, but there’s a reason, Rick, why he did it the day after he got trounced, the day after Republicans had their worst electoral beating since Watergate,” Scarborough declared. “Donald Trump was humiliated. He was weak. He was battered. He was confused. You could see him up there. He was just baffled. He didn’t know what to do. He was freaking out. It was just like a little kid in the sandbox trying to kick sand on other people when he’s the weakest person there. So what does he do? He calls Yamiche, who we have on our show, a racist. He’s screaming at Jim Acosta and then he fires Jeff Sessions. I mean, I’d say the press shouldn’t take the bait. This is about Donald Trump trying to distract from just how weak he is now, how vulnerable he is now.”

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