Dem Sen. Murphy: 95% Chance We Have a Government Shutdown

On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) said that the continuing resolution passed by the House that contains $5 billion in wall funding will not pass the Senate and placed the odds of a government shutdown at 95%.

Murphy stated, “[N]ow we are going to vote tomorrow on a continuing resolution with $5 billion for a wall. That will not have the votes to pass in the Senate. The government will shut down. And it will be McConnell and Ryan’s decision as to what to do next.”

He added that the bill passed by the House “can’t pass. I don’t know that it will get a single Democratic vote.”

Later, host Rachel Maddow asked Murphy for the percentage likelihood of a shutdown.

Murphy answered, “95%.” He explained, “I think it’s tough to pull a rabbit out of the hat given where we are right now.”

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