Scarborough: ‘This Is a Rogue President’


Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” co-host Joe Scarborough agreed with The Washington Post’s assertion that President Donald is acting as a “rogue president.”

Scarborough agreed that Trump is “rogue,” adding the president is “averse to studying” and “has contempt” for history.

“[S]ometimes we keep talking about rogue — the rogue presidency and we keep talking about it in dramatic terms because so much that we’re seeing we’ve never seen before, but in moments like these, words fail us,” Scarborough stated. “I want to read — I’m just getting into Andrew Roberts’ ‘Churchill’ … he has a quote of Churchill up front, study history. Study history. In history lie all the secrets of statecraft, and that was from May 27, 1953. This is a man who saved civilization in the summer of 1940, he, of course, made terrible mistakes before and after, but he was prepared in 1940 for what came.”

He continued, “I would guess that leaders like General Mattis understand the same thing. But in Donald Trump, we have somebody who is averse to studying history, who has contempt for those who know about anything that go before them. We heard The Washington Post quote, ‘he gets angry when people tell him that certain things he wants to do are against the law.’ This is a rogue president and the question is at this point, what in the world can Congress do, should Congress do?”

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