WaPo’s Capehart: ‘Whoever’ the 2020 Dem Nominee Is, That Person Will Beat Trump

Monday on MSNBC, Washington Post columnist and network contributor Jonathan Capehart said no matter who wins the Democratic Party primary, they can easily beat President Donald Trump “if Democrats circle the wagons around the nominee.”

Capehart said, “That’s the beauty of the primary process. Some people look good on paper, but once they get into the process, they might wither, they might fold, they might shrivel up. I have my eye on some people. I don’t know because President Trump is such an unconventional president and unconventional campaigner, asymmetrical fighter, I’m not sure if we can think of this campaign of what’s the best way to beat him. I mean, I’ve written this before, I think Democrats, you need to, no matter who the nominee is, circle the wagons and support that nominee because as we saw in 2016, the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton got three million more votes than President Trump did, but he won the electoral college. If Democrats circle the wagons around the nominee, whoever that is, whether it’s Beto, whether it’s Elizabeth Warren, whether it’s Kamala Harris, that person will win.”

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