Women’s March Demonstrator Freaks Out on Pro-Lifer: ‘No Uterus, No Opinion!’

Breitbart News captured footage of some of the more wild meltdowns from the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., on Sunday, where thousands of pro-choice activists took to the streets to celebrate feminist causes and protest the Trump administration.

The video begins with a clash between Women’s March supporters and pro-life activists in the streets of D.C. One woman is seen repeatedly shouting “my body, my choice” at a male pro-life activist, and seconds later shouting “no uterus, no opinion” to him as he attempts to have a dialogue on reproductive rights. “It’s not a baby, it’s a blob of cells,” another woman, donning sunglasses and a beige winter hat, tells the pro-lifer.

“I smell fear on you, I smell fear on you!” the first woman adds.

The following scene shows a young woman speaking into a microphone, flanked by several police officers, arguing that abortion proponents, who claim their position is supported by science, are in fact rejecting the “scientific fact that life begins at conception.” “You say, ‘my body, my choice,’ and yet you can look at these photos of these tiny, torn up babies.”

“Hold men accountable, hold men accountable!” one older woman angrily interjects.

“There was a sign earlier that said ‘no more stolen sisters,” the female pro-life activist says in another scene. “Every baby girl that’s killed is a stolen sister.”

Seconds later, a young man is seen shouting at the pro-life woman, asking if she has ever adopted a child. “Have you ever adopted a child?” he asks before cutting her off, shouting “no, no!”

“I don’t believe that we should bring children into this world who are going to be in poverty,” he argues.


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