Warren: When Dems in Majority We Should Nuke Legislative Filibuster

This week on “Pod Save America,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said if Democrats regain the majority in the Senate, they should not keep the legislative filibuster and move major legislation through on a simple majority vote.

Host Tommy Vietor asked Warren, “Are Democrats, when we get power back, are we going to fight fire with fire or are we going to return to norms and institutions that seem a little passé, especially when you have someone as craven as Mitch McConnell in charge for the Republican side?”

Warren said, “So maybe the best place to look at that one, what if we do it in the specific realm around when we think about the rules on voting, right? What is going to take a sixty person majority, or are we really going to have a filibuster, or are we going to say fifty-one?”

She continued, “First they steal a Supreme Court seat, and then they turn around and change the rules on the filibuster on a Supreme Court seat. So when it swings back to us what are we going to do? My answer to that is that all the options are on the table. That is how we’ve got to do this. If the Republicans are going to block us on key pieces we are trying to move forward then you better believe we’ve got to keep all options are on the table.”

She added, “Nobody is going to forget what happened here and all options are on the table. We are not going to play—let them play by one set of rules and then we play by the polite, everybody drinks tea and keeps a curled pinky up while they do it. I’m just not for that.”

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