Speier: We Can ‘Handcuff’ People Who Ignore Subpoenas, I’d ‘Start with’ Barr

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” Representative Jackie Speier (D-CA), a member of the House Intelligence Committee and the House Oversight Committee said the House has the power to “handcuff” someone who refuses to testify, and stated she’s “going to start with Mr. Barr and bring him in.”

Speier said, “I think, before long, you’re going to see more and more people willing to be very aggressive. I think, frankly, our membership has been very respectful and has tried to accommodate everyone in terms of having them come without subpoena. I think subpoenas are going to fly now, and when they are not complied with, we have what’s called inherent contempt proceedings. Which means we send the sergeant [at] arms out to handcuff the individual who is declining to testify.”

Host Chris Matthews then asked, “Who are you going to handcuff?”

Speier responded, “Well, I’m going to start with Mr. Barr and bring him in. And –.”

Matthews asked, “Are you really serious about that threat? Because he’s laughing at that.”

Speier answered, “Well, you know, he won’t get the last laugh. I mean, he has to comply with the subpoena. And, so far, he has been — it’s all been negotiated, but once there are specific subpoenas, and he does not comply with them, he can be brought before the House. He can be tried. He can either be held there to testify, or he can be punished. And there is actually a jail in the Capitol, which has been used as recently as 1930.”

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