Schiff: If the Trump Administration Continues This Stonewalling, We ‘Have to Prosecute’

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) said if President Donald Trump “and his administration continues “stonewalling” Congress, they will “prosecute.”

Schiff said, “If the administration continues this across the board refusal to comply with any legal process from the Congress, any oversight by the Congress then we have no choice that we’re going to have to prosecute this through contempt. There’s a lot at stake here that goes well beyond our ability to look into the serious allegations that Bob Mueller leveled against the president of the United States. This affected the balance of powers in perpetuity. If Donald Trump is successful in saying if the House is controlled by the other party, they are the enemy. I don’t have to comply. I can’t do their oversight. It means that any president, any corrupt president cannot be held to account.”

He continued, “If the administration continues this stonewalling, we’re going to have to prosecute, and that includes contempt. We’re moving forward in our own committee because we have a separate basis for getting all the counterintelligence information in the report. they are equally stonewalling us.”

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