Dem Rep. Jackson Lee: ‘The Democratic Party Is Stronger Now Than It’s Ever Been Before’

Monday during an appearance on CNN, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) was asked by anchor Dana Bash how “The Squad” was pulling the entire House Democratic caucus into a fight and how it was overshadowing some of the policy endeavors the caucus was attempting to take on.

Jackson Lee told Bash that Democrats were stronger now than ever before and pointed to the bills passed in the House, which have gone on to die in the U.S. Senate.

“I am an optimist,” she said. “And I think the Democratic Party is stronger now than it’s ever been before. And when I come home to the district, there are nothing but pats on my back, for one, upholding the constitution but really the work we’ve been doing. And I don’t think it’s going to the grim reaper in the United States Senate that our work has been ignored. We passed the $15-hour minimum wage, the first time in almost a decade for the federal government, which will impact local communities.”

“The Women Against Violence Act — that the act is one that has been significant and unique in terms of the funding for law enforcement,” Jackson Lee continued. “Health care — so we have done — protecting the preexisting condition. We have a lot to talk about. The president does not. And it’s evident, Dana, that because he does not, he’s taking on individual members of Congress, duly elected women of color. I would say to him, who is the bigger person who is the bigger group. It is the Democratic Party that is focused on Democratic ideals, the Constitution, and serving the American people. He is not doing that.”

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