Limbaugh: ‘Fredo’ Cuomo Can Dish It Out, But Can’t Take It

Tuesday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh took a jab at CNN “Cuomo Primetime” anchor Chris Cuomo, who has made headlines for a recent on-video interaction.

Limbaugh noted how Cuomo, who he has also called “Fredo” for some time, reacted to the Covington Catholic School kids, saying they should have walked away. However, Limbaugh noted that was not what Cuomo had done in this instance.

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Anyway, folks, just our own little private joke here, and it has blown up, and, man, is it delightful. And now we got Fredo running around claiming that it’s a racial slur. Everything to these people on the left is racist. Hey, you know, people have forgotten. Remember when the Covington kids were confronted by the elderly Indian banging on the drum?

You remember what Fredo said on CNN? Fredo said the kid should have walked away. Fredo said the kid should have not stood there in the Indian guy’s face and provoked the incident. He should have walked away. Did Fredo walk away last night? Fredo did not. And you know this is totally innocent? The guy that walked up to Fredo and asked him for a photo really thought his name was Fredo. The guy listens to this program! (laughing)

Here’s the tweet! “My source that sent this in says that he was just asking for a photo, thought his name was Fredo for being an avid listener of Rush Limbaugh.” The guy really thought his name was Fredo Cuomo! (laughing) And Fredo blew up and ended up calling me a punk ass b-i-itch. Not by name. He said, “Yeah, right wing punk ass b-i-itches call me this.” Then he started calling it a racial slur.

All I ever did was call him Fredo and now he’s out there calling me a punk ass b-i-itch and worse. And the Drive-Bys are scrambling to try to find out, “What is this?” Now “Fredo” has become a racial slur. I call him Fredo for a reason! (laughing) I don’t believe this.

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