MSNBC Contributor: Biden ‘Pulling a Bit of a Hillary’

MSNBC contributor Fordham University professor Christina Greer on Tuesday suggested former Vice President Joe Biden has fallen into the same trap as failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in his 2020 presidential campaign.

Greer said on “MSNBC Live” that Biden is slipping in the polls because he is still riding the wave of former President Barack Obama’s good works and distancing himself from his criticisms, adding he is “coasting” on the loyalty of the older black voters and moderates.

“You have to consistently run a campaign,” emphasized Greer. “And I think the Biden folks initially sort of came out, they were still riding the wave of Obama. We as a party have critiques of the Obama administration, the eight years. And Biden is pulling a little bit of Hillary in the sense that when things are great, Obama and I did this. when there are critiques, that was Obama; I was just the vice president. We saw Hillary Clinton do that when her husband was the president.”

“Biden, again, is still sort of coasting on this real loyalty of older African-American voters, moderates, whomever it may be,” she stated.

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