Delaney Doubles Down on DNC: ‘They’re Kind of Like Thanos, Snapping Their Finger and Trying to Get Rid of Half the Field’

During Wednesday’s “MSNBC Live,” 2020 presidential candidate former Rep. John Delaney (D-MD) continued his criticisms of the Democratic National Committee, comparing the DNC to Marvel villain Thanos when he got a hold of the Infinity Gauntlet full of the Infinity Stones.

Delaney questioned the DNC’s move to try to “get rid of half the field” that consists of sitting governors and members of Congress, lamenting the presidential debates have yet to consist of “issues that haven’t even been touched on in this primary.”

MSNBC’s Chris Jansing asked Delaney, “Do you think this is a DNC problem, that it was a rush for them to get the field narrowed down?

“Yeah, I think they’re kind of like Thanos, snapping their finger and trying to get rid of half the field, right?” Delaney stated. “That’s really kind of what they did. And some of the outcomes don’t make any sense. We have sitting Democratic governors who are not in the debate. We have sitting members of Congress who are not in the debate. And we need a debate.”

He continued, “I mean, we need an incredibly important debate about issues that haven’t even been touched on in this primary — foreign policy, trade, all these very important issues that really haven’t even come up. We’ve largely debated health care, for example, which personally I think I’m winning on because I was the first Democrat to come out against the single-payer Medicare-for-All bill, and now that whole debate has changed. And that’s the point of having a primary and that’s the point of having people with different views as to our way forward as a country.”

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