Susan Rice: Trump Has Put a ‘For Sale’ Sign on the Oval Office

On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice criticized President Donald Trump for asking China to investigate the Bidens last week from the South Lawn of the White House

Rice said, “He’s put a for-sale sign on the Oval Office, Andrea. Whether you’re China, our most formidable adversary, or Ukraine, a partner, what the president has said is, you manufacture, make up some fake dirt on my opponent, and I’ll give you what you want. It’s always a quid pro quo with him. In the case of Ukraine, he extorted up to $400 million in military assistance and a White House visit and withheld both until he thought he could get satisfaction from the Ukrainians in terms of making up dirt on Biden.”

She added, “To call on China from the South Lawn of the White House to interfere in our elections and to create dirt on Biden that doesn’t exist, in the next sentence, after he said, you know, we can punish them and do all these things with respect to trade? The clear implication, in Beijing, they’re no dummies, what I’m sure they heard is if they give Trump what he wants on Biden, then they might get what they want on trade and national security. Can you imagine? After all, Americans have suffered through Donald Trump’s trade war. All our farmers have suffered. All of our manufacturers have suffered. All that we as taxpayers have suffered because we’re the ones paying these tariffs, and he says to the Chinese in effect, let’s make a deal.”

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