Rand Paul Calls for Investigation into Senate Dems Over Ukraine Letter

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) in a Monday interview on “Fox & Friends” called for an investigation into the three Democratic senators who threatened to withhold federal aid to Ukraine if the country’s prosecutor general refused to assist with the Mueller investigation.

Paul noted House Democrats are wanting to impeach President Donald Trump for allegedly threatening to withhold aid from Ukraine while nothing is happening to the Democratic senators, calling it a “partisan attack” on the president.

“I think the only thing consistent about the whole discussion of people threatening Ukrainian aid is that everybody seems to be doing it — on both sides,” Paul stated. “Joe Biden threatened the aid, and then three senators wrote a letter to the Ukrainian government, and they said if you don’t continue investigating Trump, and help the Mueller investigation, we may pull back on your aid.”

“[W]e can’t have two standards,” he continued. “Democrats get to threaten Ukrainian aid, and nothing happens to them. Now they want to impeach a president over this? It’s looking more and more like it’s just … very much a partisan attack.”

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