Scarborough on Trump’s Middle East Policy: ‘You’ve Got to Follow the Money’

Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough discussed President Donald Trump’s track record with foreign policy.

Scarborough said Trump does not use foreign policy to help the country. Instead, Scarborough argued you have to “follow the money” to understand Trump’s foreign policy actions and decisions.

“Donald Trump does not look at foreign policy as a way to help the United States of America,” stated Scarborough. “I have said for years if you want to understand moves when it comes to foreign policy: you’ve got to follow the money.”

He continued, “Why is Donald Trump behaving the way he is towards Saudi Arabia when the rest of the world is deeply offended by what happened last year with the murder of a Washington Post columnist? Because Donald Trump bragged on the campaign trail that the Saudis love his quote, toys, and have paid him $150 million, paid his businesses in the past. You look at Russia. I mean, we don’t know all that Vladimir Putin has on Donald Trump, but we do know this: That Don Jr. said several years ago at a real estate conference that they get most of their money from Russians. Istanbul, you’ve seen the picture of Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump going and opening up Trump Towers. … The same thing with the Philippines.”

“So, when it doesn’t make sense as far as foreign policy goes, follow the money,” Scarborough emphasized. “That’s what it’s about.”

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