Brooks: ‘Hard Not to Vote for Impeachment’ if Your Defense Was No Quid Pro Quo

On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks stated that if your defense was that there was no Trump-Ukraine quid pro quo, “then it’s hard not to vote for impeachment.”

Brooks said, “I mean, if your defense was, there was no quid pro quo, it’s pretty hard to stand on that ground by now. … We learned on the transcript — for me, if you read the transcript, there was a quid pro quo. And now we’ve got testimony from Fiona Hill, who was the deputy secretary of state for Ukraine, that there was quid pro quo, basically, that it was Trump doing this, there was a separate foreign policy run by Trump and Giuliani, bypassing the normal foreign policy apparatus. And there have been a whole series of witnesses that have basically attested to that. Mulvaney puts the exclamation point. So, if that was your defense, then it’s hard not to vote for impeachment.”

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