WH’s Grisham: No Witness Tampering, Intimidation Because Impeachment Inquiry Not a Trial — ‘This Is Just a Political Sideshow’

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham dismissed claims of witness tampering and intimidation regarding the House of Representatives so-called impeachment inquiry.

According to Grisham, the proceedings were not a legal trial but instead a political sideshow and those giving testimony before that committee are not afforded legal protection from President Donald Trump’s social media.

“The president — he was telling people why he was unhappy with that ambassador, which is every president’s right,” she said. “There is no — this couldn’t be witness-tampering or intimidation because this is not a trial. This is not — it’s not a legal trial. This is just a political sideshow. And the president went around Schiff because he’s – we’re given no rights. And he went ahead and tweeted it.”

“I’d also like to remind people that Obama fired every Bush-appointed ambassador the day he was elected office,” Grisham added. “Every president has the right to have people representing them in foreign countries that he trusts. I’d also like to actually point out that she was only recalled three months before her term was supposed to end. And she’s still employed at the State Department. So, something to think about.”

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