MSNBC’s Rubin: Don’t Know How Long GOP’s Trump Defenders Can ‘Keep Straight Face’

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Live,” Washington Post opinion writer and MSNBC political contributor Jennifer Rubin said she was not sure how Republican defenders of President Donald Trump “were going to be able to keep a straight face.”

Rubin said, “The notion that he somehow a rogue figure is ridiculous. And as we speak, he is apparently in Ukraine talking to people with shady backgrounds still trying to get this dirt, which doesn’t exist, on Joe Biden. And what we also know, because Rudy Giuliani keeps telling us, is that for these people, quote, ‘corruption’ is the same as an investigation into Joe Biden. That is very harmful to the president’s position, who has been trying to make the claim, as ridiculous as it might seem, that he is really interested in cleaning up corruption in general in Ukraine.”

“And here he is, his private lawyer, still going down the road of finding information from foreigners, something that’s illegal, you’re not supposed to get something of value from a foreigner,” he continued. “And here he is telling us that, no, those sorts of words, corruption, really just means we’re going to go after the vice president. So it’s sort of mind-blowing at this stage. You sort of don’t know how long Republicans are going to be able to keep a straight face.”

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